Lider Kağıtçılık, which has been serving the recycling sector since its inception in 1968, has set out with the goal of eliminating the problems caused by rapid consumption in the world and realizing waste management by using the right resources, and has adopted the philosophy of giving humanity to nature.

Continuously following the innovations of the sector, has adopted the principle of working focused on customer requests.
In accordance with the At Packaging Waste Control Regulation yayımlan published in the Official Gazette No. 25538 dated 30.07.2004 from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, in 2009, it obtained the Temporary Work Permit of the Collection Separation Facility and added the packaging waste separation system to its structure and accelerated its activities in waste management. .

Lider Kağıtçılık is increasing its service quality day by day and it is proud to supply 100 thousand tons of paper to recycling facilities both in Turkey and abroad annually and to increase its share in the recycling chain not only nationally but globally and to take its reliable place in the sector.

In July 2013, we moved to our new facility of 5,000 square meters on Halkalı Dereboyu Street in order to provide faster, higher quality service to our customers by constantly growing as we go towards our 50th year in the sector. Lider Kağıtçılık has doubled its capacity with its new machine park and growing storage volume in its new field.